Free routers

Because of generous donations, we are able to give away routers for free for some purposes. If you are interested, write a mail to
Please note that these donations are only to be used for the purpose they were ordered for. These routers are only allowed to be placed in the locations you told us for the construction of a Freifunk-network.

Accomodation for refugees

We have five routers in stock of the model 841ND for the provision of an internet connection to refugees. If you have refugees in your neighbourhood or you would like to equip a whole camp, you can get one or more of these routers.


We have one outdoor-router in stock of the model CPE210 for the use in or around trainstations. If you live next to a trainstation and have free sight to the platform, please contact us.

Rellingen in the area "an der Rellau"

Currently available: A free 841N for residents of the following streets in Rellingen:

  • An der Rellau
  • Rellauwiesen
  • Zur Rellau