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There are three easy steps to take your own node (Freifunk-router) in operation.

Step 1: The appropiate WLAN-router

At first you need a router, which is compatible with the Freifunk-firmware. You can either buy it yourself or directly order it from us. We always have a few devices ready in reserve, which we give away for the same price we paid for them earlier. Maybe you even fulfill the conditions for a free router.



Step 2: Install the Freifunk-firmware

If you ordered a router from us, you can skip this step.


If you bought your router in a store, you should replace the manufacturer-firmware with the Freifunk-Pinneberg-firmware. But don't worry, it sounds way more complicated as it is. Just follow our step-by-step-instructions, which are easy to unterstand. If you have further questions, we will gladly help you - or come to one of our meetings, which take place frequently.



Step 3: Configure

Now you have a router with the firmware of Freifunk Pinneberg in front of you. Your can now adjust all necessary settings with the graphic surface of your browser. Give your node a name and determine, how much of your internet connection you are willing to share.




Now you can pat yourself on the back because you just set up a Freifunk-router by youself. All it needs now is electricity and (if you activated "use internet connection (Mesh-VPN)") a LAN-connection to a router, which is connected to the internet.

A little tip for the installation: Freifunk-routers are like cats. They love to look out of the window from high positions. Like this, you improve the range and it is easier for ther nodes to connect to your new node.