Why should I donate?

Freifunk Pinneberg has running costs for the gateway-server, the website and VPN-exits. At the moment, single Freifunker bear these costs on their own. You can help to lower the burden for us by donating. Additionally, this makes new purchases and the resulting expansion of the infrastructure possible.

How to donate?

Because of the fact that Freifunk Pinneberg is not (yet) a registered association, we were not able to ask for donations that easily and give donation certificates to those who donated. But thanks to "Lokale Agenda 21 Pinneberg" (www.agenda21-pinneberg.de) we are now finally able to do this! They created a subaccount for us where supporters can donate for us.

Förderverein Lokale Agenda 21 e.V.
IBAN: DE20 2305 1030 0015 0792 54
Purpose of transfer (very important!): Freifunk Pinneberg

You can get a donation certificate afterwards.

We thank you for every little or even big amout of money!

You can also donate via Bitcoin directly to Freifunk Pinneberg, but we can't provide you with a donation certificate then.

BTC: 1Gr1BGYTFjdsM9PysWabEsE7uMZYD6mj9S