Freifunk is a project for free WiFi in the whole district.

People like you and I can build a wireless data network, for free communication in the entire Pinneberg district and also nationwide. So-called Freifunk nodes are operated by volunteers in many places. Internet access is often available. Not only is it free, it's open too!

Participate now

Everyone can use the network and expand it themselves.

With free Freifunk notes. These are routers with antennas (similar to those that you already know from other wireless Internet access points). Every WLAN-capable device, for example a smartphone or notebook, can connect to the network near a node and use it to communicate with other participants.

Video abspielen


The Freifunk Meshviewer provides you with an interactive map and shows exactly where you can find free WiFi.


Operate yourself

It is easy to become a Freifunk operator and everyone can participate in different ways.



What is Freifunk? How does Freifunk work technically? Are my data protected? How can I participate?

Frequently asked questions

Support the project

Freifunk Pinneberg has running costs for gateway servers, websites and VPN exits. All of this is currently paid for from the private pocket of individual freifunk operators. With a donation you help keep the burden on us low, enable new purchases and expansion of the infrastructure.

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